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USB Products - Molex
USB Connectors and Cable Assemblies

USB Products

USB connectors and cable assemblies provide a complete universal serial bus interconnect system for I/O devices. Molex USB products are available in standard, micro, mini, industrial and automotive styles to fit any application need.

Consumer USB Connectors and Cables- Molex

Consumer USB Products

Current: 1.8A micro, 1.0A (mini)
1.5A (standard)

  • Pitch: 0.65mm (micro), 0.80mm (mini), 2.00/2.50mm (standard)
  • Circuits: 5 (micro/mini)
    4/8/9/18 (standard)
HSAutoLink Connectors and Cables

HSAutoLink™ Interconnect System

Current: 1.5A

  • Pitch: 0.80mm
  • Circuits: 4 - 5
  • USCAR-30 Compliant
Industrial USB connectors

Sealed Industrial USB Solutions

Current: 1.0A

  • Pitch: 2.50mm
  • Circuits: 4 - 5
  • NEMA Rating: IP67