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Edge Card Connectors - Molex
Edge Card Connectors

Edge Card Connectors

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EdgeMate™ Wire-to-Edge-Card Power Interconnect with locking feature - Molex

EdgeMate™ Wire-to-Edge-Card Power Connector

Current: 7.0A

  • Pitch: 3.96mm
  • Circuits: 2 - 12
  • Wire AWG: 18 - 20
EXTreme LPHPower mixed power and signal connectors

EXTreme LPHPower™

Current: 30.0A per blade

  • Mated Height: 7.50mm
  • Current Density: 127.0A per in.
    50.0A per cm
  • Mixed, high-current power and signal connector system
EXTreme PowerEdge Card Edge or Bus Bar Power Connector - Molex

EXTreme PowerEdge™ Connectors

Current: 40.0A per blade

  • Mated Height: 15.00mm
  • Current Density: 157.0A per in.
    62.0A per cm
  • Can be combined (stacked end-to-end) to mate with multiple bus bar tabs or card edges up to 8" (203.2mm)

High Speed

EdgeLine® High Speed Connectors - Molex

EdgeLine® High Speed Connectors

Data Rate: 25 Gbps

  • Pitch: 0.75, 0.80mm
  • Board Thickness: .062", .093", .110", .125"
  • Current: 25.0
Advanced Mezzanine Card B+ Connector


Data Rate: 10+ Gbps

  • Circuits: 170
  • Advanced Mezzanine Card B+ connector supports AdvancedTCA
  • Features press-fit technology and an optional PCB peg
MicroTCA Connector

MicroTCA Interconnect Solutions

Data Rate: 10 Gbps

  • Circuits: 170
  • Pitch: 0.75mm
  • Press-fit vertical edge
PCI Express* Card Edge Connector - Molex

PCI Express* Card Edge Connector