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Molex offers splices for nearly every type of wiring need, from simple wire splices to splices designed for heavy-vibration applications and in harsh environments where sealed connections are required

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Molex Splices

Selection Matrix (images are for reference only)

Aerospace and Defense

Military Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS)


Commercial Vehicles


Automotive aftermarket
Ceiling fans
Commercial vehicles
Field Repairs of wiring harnesses
Lighting Fixtures

This is not a definitive list of applications for this product. It represents some of the more common uses.

Product Differentiators (PDF)

Solderless Terminals


Specialty Splices

Wire Management Products make identifying, protecting and organizing cables and wires a snap

MagKrimp™ Connectors, Terminals and Splices

Offer a complete line of crimp terminals and connectors that provide solutions for the splicing and tapping of magnet and aluminum wire

VersaKrimp™ Terminals and Splices

Up to 600 MCM, provides square tongue circuit breaker terminals, and handles more current than any other Molex product.