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MX150™ Sealed and Unsealed Connector System

A high-performance sealed and unsealed connector system offering reduced package sizes and is ideal for SAE- and ISO-style wire in single- and dual-row configurations up to 22.0A supporting both signal and power applications for on-engine automotive to off-road construction equipment applications

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MX150™ Sealed Connector SystemsMX150™ Connectors with SealsMX150™ Breakaway Headers

Selection Matrix

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MX 150™ Sealed Connector System
    Wire-to-Wire System
        Matte Sealed Connection System

Receptacle Connectors
MX150 Male Connector
Blade Connectors

Hybrid Connectors

Hybrid Connectors

Receptacle Terminals

Blade Terminals

Extraction Tool
        Cable Sealed Connection System

Receptacle Connectors

Blade Connectors

Receptacle Terminals

Blade Terminals
    Wire-To-Board and Panel-Mount Systems

PCB Headers

Unshrouded Headers


Panel-Mount Connectors


Panel-Mount Connectors


Cavity Plug
MX 150™ Unsealed Connector System
    Wire-To-Wire System

Female, Receptacle


Female, Receptacle

Blade Terminals

Extraction Tool
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Automotive Vehicles
Commercial Vehicles
Industrial Vehicles and Equipment
Recreational Vehicles

Commercial Vehicle

Construction equipment
Marine equipment
Recreational vehicles

This is not a definitive list of applications for this product. It represents some of the more common uses.

Catalog (PDF)

MX150 Sealed Connector Systems Catalog

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Datasheet (PDF)

Sealed Connector System, 3.50mm pitch

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Sealed 1-by-2 Connection System, 5.00mm pitch


Unsealed Connection System

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MX123™ Sealed Connection System

This high-performance connection system meets or exceeds USCAR-2 class 3 performance criteria while surpassing performance of most mature products in the market

CMC and CMX Sealed, Hybrid, Modular Connectors

An IP6K9k sealed, modular, high-density and hybrid connection system developed specifically for the transportation industry

H-DAC 64™ Dual-Row High Density Automotive Connectors

0.64mm (.025") width dual row female connectors are designed to USCAR approved footprints and meet USCAR testing requirements.