Self-Contained Power Connector (SCPC) - Molex

Self-Contained Power Connector (SCPC)

A simple two-piece system used to splice and tap solid and stranded non-metallic sheathed cable, quickly and easily

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Molex Self Contained Power Connectors (SCPC)

Selection Matrix (images are for reference only)


Marine Equipment

Commercial Vehicle

RV and marine equipment


Smoke alarm systems


Office equipment

This is not a definitive list of applications for this product. It represents some of the more common uses.

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Battery Connectors

While many applications will require a custom designed battery connector, Molex is also able to offer various battery connectors as standard products.

MX150L™ Industrial Sealed Connector System

A pre-assembled, submersible system that exceeds IEC IP67 requirements, designed for commercial-vehicle, marine and other harsh environments

XRC™ (Extra Rugged Circular) Sealed Plugs and Receptacles

High-density IP67-rated connectors with polarizing-key indicator and wire-seal imprinting for easier mating, installation and field servicing, in harsh environments.