Molex Connector Part Number - 93050-4003

Part Number: 93050-4003

2.50mm Pitch Appli-Mate RAST 2.5 Female Connector, Glow Wire Compliant, 11 Circuits, Natural, Open Endwalls, Position Removed B, C, D, G, H, I, J & K

93050-4003Series image - Reference only
IDT and Solder Connectors
RAST 2.5 Connector System

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Mates With Part(s):

Appli-Mate RAST 2.5 Header 93070

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Product Environmental Compliance

Questions on Product Environmental Compliance?

EU RoHS:ELV and RoHS Compliant
China RoHS:
REACH SVHC:Not Reviewed
Low-Halogen Status:Not Low-Halogen

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