Molex Connector Part Number - 90327-0353

Part Number: 90327-0353

Picoflex® PF-50, Low Profile, IDT Receptacle, 4 Circuits, White, Tin (Sn) Plated, Reeling Option C

90327-0353Series image - Reference only
Ribbon Cable / Wire Trap Connectors
Picoflex® Connectors

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Low Profile Vertical 90325, Low Profile Right Angle 90800, 90715, 90814, 90779 Vertical, 91714 1.27mm Pitch Picoflex® PF-50 Header

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Product Environmental Compliance

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EU RoHS:ELV and RoHS Compliant
China RoHS:
REACH SVHC:Not Reviewed
Low-Halogen Status:Not Low-Halogen

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Application Tooling  FAQ

Tooling specifications and manuals are found by selecting the products below.

Crimp Height Specifications are then contained in the Application Tooling Specification document.


DescriptionProduct #
Extraction Tool (Plastic) for 4-26 Circuit69008-1070
Semi-Automatic Bench Press PB14 for 4-26 Circuit69127-1001
Semi-Automatic PB14 Bench Press with Auto De-reeling69127-1004
Assembly of De-Tape Unit for PB14 Part Number 069127-100169127-5045
Extractor Tool for Connectors62100-6000